About Me =D

DCIM100GOPROG0031374.In my 25 year life span, I’ve done a minimal amount of traveling outside of my home country of Canada. I have been to Mexico, the Bahamas, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. However, most of these trips have been to resorts where I get wasted around the clock, and don’t experience the country to its fullest potential. I don’t exactly count that sort of bender as “traveling”. Now, I have moved to New Zealand for the foreseeable future, and from time to time will blog about my experiences, adventures, and life lessons learned. Please come join me, and journey with me through the land of the kiwi.

One comment

  1. Kieran Charnock · August 16

    Hey man,

    Kieran Charnock from NZ here.
    Just realised I didn’t get your email before coming off Facebook and then I remembered your blog! I’ve just started reading t again. So cool to see you’ve kept it up this entire time. I just read the dog sledding blog (January ‘18). It was a great read and quite inspiring for me. Dog sledding looks amazing, and awesome to hear you’ve been continuing to pursue happiness and contentment as opposed to money, fame, whatnot.
    You’re awesome bro. Looking forward to reading February’s blog.



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