Spicy Olives


I was alone at our Ottawa home in Sandy Hill on a cool summer’s morning. Jess left to buy me an apron so I don’t get so messy while cooking, and I was tired and sore from starting flag football again after 10 years. I sat on the front step and read my book, The Little Book of Lykke. I made sure to say, “good morning” to everyone who passed by. I wanted to have a hoot, but I knew I should wait until I had done my coveted reading before doing so; I wanted to focus on the meaning of the words.

I went inside, packed up some sativa (10am was a bit too early for an indica), and took a single puff before making breakfast. I just wanted a little to get my thoughts flowing, and it worked magically. I had three scrambled eggs, three pepperoncinis, four strips of streaky bacon, and a glass of water. I set out a candle and put away my phone and laptop, other than playing a chill music playlist on Spotify. I wanted to taste every bit of flavour in my meal, so I tried to decrease the items preoccupying my mind.

After breakfast, I did some dishes and began steeping a spirulina tea from David’s Tea. While I was waiting for it to brew, I walked over to the fine foods corner store for some spicy olives – something I had thought about daily since we moved in nine days ago. I had only walked into Safi Fine Foods once before. It was before we moved in to Sandy Hill to get to know the amenities in our neighbourhood. I noticed the spicy olives last time but we didn’t have a home quite yet, so I waited.

When I get stoned I don’t usually like going in public. It’s part of the paranoia often associated with marijuana. I wanted to do something I was scared of, so I put my two feet  out through the front door and out I went for those little, round Moroccan beauties.


  • I came back, enjoyed my spirulina tea, and sat down to do what I normally do – check emails, apply to some jobs, maybe get some chores done around the house. Instead, I started writing a new blog, which was completely contradictory to my normal blogging habits; I was already writing a blog that I had not yet completed, when I started a new one. It felt taboo and wrong not to complete one blog before moving on to the next, but I decided to do it anyways because I felt inspired to write.

I started writing this blog, and here we are. My mouth is burning from spicy olives, spirulina tea is helping to sooth it, and I am truly enjoying myself. While making breakfast, I did things differently – mixed up the order of what I did. That moment gave me the idea of “routine spontaneity”. Naturally, I Google’d it. I found a blog that talks about what I was thinking about: 10 Simple Ways to Add Spontaneity into Your Daily Routine.


While Jess and I were traveling the US for two months, I sometimes wondered if we even needed to travel to have a memorable, unique, and happy life. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe it helps if you are traveling; everything is relative. But, there are ways if you have normal, typical routine lives to incorporate uniqueness and character into each day. Of course, it will take practice and mindfulness.

Some ideas I came up with, similar to the blog link above were:

  • Take a new way home, even if it is waaaayyy longer than the usual way. (Why are we always in such a hurry?)
    • Take a new method to work. So what you can afford to take a car? Take the bus once, ride your bike, or walk there.
  • Go see a movie without knowing anything about it (Netflix is fine too).
  • While you’re out and about, walk into the first shop you see, maybe even get crazy and decide you are going to buy something no matter what you think of the store and products. You may relate that item to this unusual experience you had.
  • Decide on a new hobby and just go do it, now, right after you decide.
  • Buy a food, be it a vegetable, fruit, or meat from the market that you’ve never seen before and learn how to cook it when you get home, rather than deciding if it would work well with your meal plan that night.
  • Do something taboo – order a cocktail at 11 a.m. or cool off your feet in a hotel water fountain. Sit at a table with strangers and try to have lunch with them.
  • Try to learn something you were always curious about – as I write this, I am trying to learn how to use “;” and “-” correctly in literature. I have more learning to do.
  • Try something you loved as a kid but haven’t done in years. Riding a bicycle is a good one for many.
  • Try something you’ve read in a book or watched in a movie – something that sparked an urge in you.
  • Make a list of things you know nothing about and learn about them.
    • I know nothing about pottery, cross fit, and whiskey making, for example.


What this all comes down to is getting perspective, being fulfilled (not overall but each day), and about constant learning and growth. Go get some spicy olives.


“If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.”


Kusz, out!

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