Kitties in Heat

After dipping into Colorado we headed for New Mexico. Their slogan is “The Land of Enchantment”, and for good reason. It’s a magical place to experience.


Art out front of Meow Wolf

Our first stop was Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. Our friend Meredith told us about this place, and after that I started seeing clips of it all over social media, so we had to check it out. I knew it would be great because I’ve been eating a lot of Santa Fe chicken salads and shit like that on this trip so it was meant to be. The best way I can describe it is a museum of trippy, intergalactic sights, sounds, anomalies, textures, and mindsets that transcend beyond our dimension.


Jess and a Meow Wolf

The premise of the exhibit is a family who was able to discover something similar to time travel, but between other dimensions, who get caught in another world. Their house is on site for you to roam through, discovering video clips, confidential reports, and sentimental items that show you the life of the missing family before and during their new lives in another realm. Beyond the home is their yard inclusive of otherworldly animals, space ships, hidden passageways, lights, music, videos, and obstacles to fully immerse you into their discovery and imprisonment.


Jess coming back through the fridge.

The observatory was created by over a hundred artists and the concept goes deeper than you can imagine. There are full length reports within the home that you can read about the father’s scientific research into other dimensions. Of course, no viewer has the time to read everything available. Staff in lab coats walk through to assist you if you have any questions or get lost within. We didn’t take too many pictures so not as to spoil the experience for the outside world, but it’s really something like no other – you need to go!


An enchanted  forest walkway.

There was a sign talking about drugs at the front, so they are completely aware that people get high on many different things before experiencing this psychedelic piece of art. We went sober, surprisingly, but I’d like to go back again and try it on any drug that expands the mind. Read More