Calgary Anniversary

I never used the word “partner” to refer to my girlfriend until I met Jess. That is exactly how I view our relationship. We are partners. 50/50. We split things down the middle. We support each other for the betterment of our team. We have the same goals, and we work together to achieve them.


Since I’ve been with Jess, my self-esteem has risen, I look at myself in the mirror less, and my style has really adapted to be more “me”. I don’t care what people think anymore. Well, of course I do, but now I care way less. I don’t care how people view my appearance. I don’t have to “try” anymore – I know I am loved just by being me.


My biggest self-crticism used to be my posture. Now, my posture is getting better naturally through yoga, and it’s not something I have to think about all the time.

We balance each other out. When I’m low, she brings me up. When I’m high, I get her high too.

She makes my life easier, better, and more fulfilled.


On February 5th, 2018, we celebrated our two-year anniversary. Last anniversary, we stayed two nights in the most remote place we visited in New Zealand, called Bulwer. This anniversary, we celebrated in my home town, Calgary. We didn’t buy each other gifts, and we didn’t spend lavishly to impress one another. We booked the cheapest hotel downtown that we could find, and just spent time with each other one-on-one. We craved some alone time and wanted to reconnect, so we did. We went for a quick Korean dinner, then went back to the hotel and spent most of the time in our room. We got a little tiddly, and just talked and talked all night about what’s going on in our lives and what we are looking forward to. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. All we needed on that night was each other, and that made it so special to me.

I’ve never wanted something so bad before, and I’m having a hard time waiting any longer. All I want, is to see the world with Jess by my side. Soon, we will be off again, and I am sooo pumped for the next leg of our journey together.

Kuszy, outtie! ❤

❤ How could I not love this girl right?!?!?! ❤

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