When do we go from here?

It’s safe to say I still have the “travel bug”. The only thing I don’t forget to think about every day is traveling. I set reminders on my phone, email myself notes, and create alarms every day to remind me of shit I need to do each day. Not once since I turned 24 have a had to remind myself to day-dream of being on the road – of being free.

At this point it doesn’t even matter where we go. In the last month we’ve talked about traveling Japan, Bali, USA, Mexico, Central America, Australia, the UK and the rest of Europe. If I was more educated on other parts of the world, I would be even more keen to travel to places not listed above.

For my travel experience all I need is a little security and I’d pretty darn near consider traveling anywhere. The order we go in doesn’t matter; there’s so many places that appeal to me now. As I get older, those appealing places will change but there will still be too many to keep track. Only time will tell when we get to see everywhere we want to.

When I think about traveling, it’s not where we are going, but when.

I haven’t been many places, but I’ve enjoyed ’em all. 

Kusz, out!

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