Campsite Bathing Troubles

I try not to shower when I’m staying at a campsite because there’s always something wrong with the shower…

Sometimes there’s a draft of cold air blowing on you the whole time.

Quite often the water pressure is shitty.

At some campsites, the water only has one temperature,

and at others, the water is on a timer.

Sometimes, the walls are so dirty you look around scared trying not to touch your body to any surface.

Or, you might look to your right and you make eye contact with the guy showering in the stall adjacent to you. It’s even weirder when smiles at you.

Perhaps your shower was fine but then you get out and you see that your clothes have been sprayed by water the entire time and everything you brought is now damp.

The odd time, someone will be singing, coughing, farting, or blowing their nose in the stall next to you.

You can never have a perfect shower whilst camping, but just remember, at least you have the option to shower in the first place.

Kusz, out!

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