Snow Dogging the Mystic Goat Pond

My last blog post was a little depressing. I don’t like writing sad news, but sometimes it is necessary.

Blogs and other social media platforms are ways for people to express themselves, and more often than not, only the great parts of life are presented to the audience. I think it is important to show the good and the bad – it shows my audience that I am human.


The people on we see online who are consistently traveling the world trying breathtaking activities in wondrous places appear to have perfect lives because that’s what we want to see. We want to be inspired and we want to surround ourselves with happy ideas, so that’s what the show us. To be more realistic, we have to know that life isn’t that easy and those people probably have more troubles than they show, and its good to show the world both sides.


However, I am proud to say that I am out of the rut I was in when I last blogged. What I have done differently in my life is mix things up. We started doing more with our weeks and that has made life more interesting. I used to think that all I wanted to do was go home after work and blaze, make dinner, and chill so we could save money. I’ve learned that saving money isn’t everything – I need to also enjoy my time now as well as I should later on.


For a while there we were bowling every week or two, then we got into yoga over the holidays and have been doing that two or three times a week. Yoga is fantastic – it helps me think more clearly, it physically challenges me, and it builds on my strength and flexibility. It even provides me with a slightly spiritual experience, depending on how the instructor sets the tone of the class. IMG_2278

I’ve been spending lots of time with family and friends, and I’ve decided to take work less seriously. Mixing it up with the people you spend time with allows you to generate new ideas and think differently. Your peers with always provide you with laughs, so mix it up with the type of laughs you want to have. Work was really bringing me down last time I wrote. I was working long hours, I felt unappreciated, and I felt like I had no support in my (relatively) new job. Since then, I’ve promised myself that I would work less hours, I wouldn’t take things personally (like dickhead clients treating me like poo), and I’d ask for help when I need it.

Things are looking up in all aspects of my life, and the one constant has always been Jess. Jess has been supportive even when I was glum and blah to be around.

IMG_2397I bought her a dog sledding trip in Canmore for her Christmas present. We had to book it shortly after Christmas, and it happened to be the weekend before my birthday. Jess decided to get us a hotel and take us to a fancy dinner at Crazy Weed the night before dog sledding and it was soooo refreshing. Spending time together and away from the city felt rejuvenating – it was just what we needed.


They took us across the mystic Goat Pond which was awe-inspiring. Out on the ice, I felt the same way as I did when we stood at the Bluff Hill lookout in Napier, New Zealand. Just over two years ago, we gazed out into Hawke’s Bay and at the time, I felt like a tiny insignificant part of this world. When you realize how vast the oceans are, how wide open the forests are, you feel so small. At the same time, you have to know that you impact everyone you encounter, so it’s important to be present and appreciate the time you spend with others.


Today I started reading the book called LOOPTAIL based on Bruce Poon Tip, creator of G Adventures. After one chapter, I’ve already found it to be inspiring. He discusses the Dalai Lama and the spiritual culture of the Tibetan people, sustainable travel, and intertwining your work life with you real life. Personally, I’m with the majority of people who see work as a part of life that pays for things, but that’s all it is. Bruce wants me to be fulfilled in all aspects of my life, and that is how I will find my purpose in life, to be utterly, completely, happy.

I’d love to stay and chat, but our yoga class starts in 30 minutes.

Kusz, Out! 🙂

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  1. EXPLORE WITH ERIK · June 17

    this trip looks dope!!


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