The Lives We Live

Jessica and I have lived so many different lives together.

We started off talking on Tinder. She was in Pukekohe, I was in Calgary – 11,991 kilometres away from one another. That’s where it began, as Tinder crushes.

Once I arrived in New Zealand, we became temporary travel buddies… or slightly more than that ;). After just nine days, I moved away from her. Less than two months later, she moved to me, and that’s where our lives together truly started.

The moment I picked her up at that jetty and asked her to be my partner, we started something crazy. We instantly became partners, roommates, and coworkers living at a remote lodge in the middle of nowhere. After only knowing each other in person for just nine days, that was a huge step, a bit of a gamble, but with a hell of a reward.

From there, we became backpackers, traveling across Southeast Asia.

When we went back to New Zealand, we were almost broke, we were unemployed, and worst of all, we were homeless.

With the patience and perseverance of a couple of kittens, we found a home house to live in, a couple of jobs, and became a couple ski-town locals.

From there, we were on the road again as tourists in a familiar country.

After that, we became bums, living for free in a beautiful coastal village. Although we had no ambitions and achieved just about nothing, it was the most at peace my mind has ever been. Zero stress is what you find when you inhabit Mapua.

After Mapua, we went back to the lodge, but this time as veteran hospitality staff. We had confidence, we knew the ropes, and we excelled at what we did. It felt good, but seven months in isolation is a lot, and I think less months in isolation would be better if we ever do remote work again.

After the lodge, we travelled up to the North Island, and found ourselves bunking with Jessica’s parents. I guess you could call us boomerang kids at this stage, see Urban Dictionary.

We left New Zealand, and landed in Calgary, still boomerang kids, but living at my parents’ house(s) instead of hers.

Our life together is simple, but ever changing. It is steady, and secure, but our surroundings are constantly changing. For the first time ever, I know what I want.

I want to see the world, with Jessica. These are the lives we live, together. 

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