A Blogging Necessity

It’s been well over a month now since I’ve written a blog post. Shame on me I tell ya! My goal was to do roughly one blog post a month since I started. Sometimes I’ve done more than one in a month, sometimes I’ve gone nearly two months without writing one.

My blogs started as a “want”; I wanted to blog as a way of sharing my journey to New Zealand. That’s how it went for a while, but eventually all that changed. Sometimes when you’re abroad, you find yourself doing a whole lot of nothing, so the words and stories don’t flow like they used to.

That’s when the blogs turned into an “obligation”. I felt like I HAD to do one every month to keep the trend going, which made me realize that the “obligation” blogs were by far the shittiest ones I wrote. I was writing just to get words on paper, so to speak.

Now, it’s turned into a “need”. It’s something I need to do, and I think the main reason for this need is that I see it as my legacy; it tells my story. It’s the story of who I was and who I am now. It tells the story of where I’ve gone, where I am, and sometimes it might even tell where I’m about to go.

Later in life, the blogs will simply be my story; the story of where I started and who I became along the way. The blogs can only end when the story does. So the story must carry on, and so must the blogs.

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