Bulwer Anniversary

February 5th, 2017 marked one year since Jessica and I got together and started something special. On February 5th, one year prior, Jessica moved to the Marlborough Sounds after leaving her (career-related) job to come work in hospitality with me, after only knowing each other for a short while. That same day, we started dating officially, and that same day, we began living together.

Exactly one year later, we are still going strong, and all the gambles we took have paid off. To mark this special occasion, we rented a cottage for two nights in Bulwer, where the population before we arrived was two… yep, just two people. I had the privlige of coincidentally going out there before on a random boat trip. Due to it’s remoteness, I never thought I would return…


Raetihi Lodge, where we live, is pretty tough to get to. Bulwer is much deeper into the Sounds than Raetihi Lodge is. If I could, I would recommend Bulwer to some of our guests. The sad fact is, not many people would go that far out of their way to go somewhere without a wifi connection or a corner store.

The scenery on the way there  was well worth the trip all by itself. There was a nice combination of rolling hills,


the sea on our right,


and the sunset on our left.


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