All the Places I Have Not Seen, Yet

In the last three weeks, I have done research into living in Dubai, I have contemplated teaching English in Japan, I have thought about which countries in South America I want to visit, I have created itineraries for road trips through the United States, and I have looked into the housing and job markets in Vancouver, all the while being situated in New Zealand. Oh yeah, and while I write this I’m learning about the Working Holiday Visa options in Lithuania.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The thing that excites me the most, is that the possibilities of seeing the world are endless. Sure, there are many barriers such as money or visa restrictions, but the main factor in deciding where to travel is that I have to choose the right place that works for me, right now, at this point in my life.


Tokyo, Japan

No choice is going to be a bad choice, but there are other things to consider other than just buying a plane ticket and leaving.


Bogota, Colombia

Last December it felt weird experiencing Christmas and New Years in a foreign place, without my family and friends. This past December, it happened a second time. I have built strong relationships in the last year, so it wasn’t as strange this time around since I have friends and a partner to celebrate with. That being said, it’ll always feel wrong not being with family over the Christmas season.


Yosemite National Park, United States of America

I know that I’ll be going straight to Canada from New Zealand, because after 18 months away from home I’ll need to reconnect with the people closest to me, and most of all, I want to spend Christmas with those special people. Two Christmas’ in a row away from home is too many; it’s time for a long visit home.


Vancouver, Canada

Although the place that thrills me the most to think about is Japan, and more specifically, Tokyo, I need to wait until the time is right for me to take on that adventure. At least a couple times a month I change my mind on where I want to travel to next, so I’ll go when it’s right. When my desire to go there is absolute, I will go.


Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

I often find out that some places I’ve never considered traveling to, might actually be the ideal place for Jess and I to travel. Learning that a country has attractive attributes such as English being their primary/secondary language, or that a country has easily obtainable work visas for Canadian and New Zealand citizens bursts open new opportunities that we’ve never considered previously.


Vilnius, Lithuania

This wide variety of different opportunities provides us with the ultimate gift of choice.

All we have to do is decide…

…where to next?



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