Contemplating Contentedness

It’s no secret that the folks from down under save a significant amount of space in their vocabulary, for the “C” word. As seen above, they see it as a form of art. It isn’t a curse word, it’s a complimentary adjective.

The vandalism artwork above is probably the best picture I have added to my collection since my last blog. The reason I haven’t had a blog with wicked sweet pictures lately is because, when you settle down, things aren’t as extraordinary as they are when you’re traveling on the road, or when you’re just arrived in a new place. Sometimes you settle down, and learn to be content with the familiarity of a single town or city.

Life abroad isn’t always notable, and perhaps not even memorable. Regardless, you’re always learning what your preferences are when it comes to your living space. At the moment, I hate my flat mates, and prefer when they are not home. Jess and I are coexisting with a father and son in a $2mil house just outside Queenstown; the two of them are hypocritical pricks.

Last Sunday, the father gave me shit for waking up his son because I accidentally dropped the toilet seat at 4 a.m. This week, they have woken me up four times in the morning, and once at night by slamming the door and talking really loudly. It’s funny that, since it’s their house, they don’t give a shit about who they wake up, but if I wake them up, I’ve committed a cardinal sin.

From this, I have learned that, at the age of 25, I am too old to have a parental figure living with me telling me how to live my life. I am wayyyyyyy too mature for that crap.



Me and my bear. Everyone knows Canadian bears smoke pipes.

I shouldn’t have to be told to take the trash out on Wednesdays, I should have the unfortunate experience of having forgot about garbage day and be screwed for the next week. That’s how I want to learn which day is garbage day.

If I always have a parental figure nagging me, I’m never gonna learn anything on my own. In the future, I know that I should live without someone critiquing every plate I wash and timing every shower I take.

Even though I have grown to dislike the roomies, I have contemplated my current lifestyle, and I realise that I am content with where I am. All in all, Queenstown is pretty dope. It’s the most difficult place to save money because the rent is unbelievably high, and the bars are far too plentiful for a guy like me. If I didn’t live a short distance outside the town centre, my bank account would be shot. However, there’s tons to do, you’ll meet people from every corner of the globe, and you’ll probably learn some new skills along the way.



Winter is here, and I like to drink beer,

So I must wrap up this blog, for your time I should not hog,

Have a nice time, I hope you enjoyed my rhyme.

Kusz, out! ❤


One comment

  1. Kristie Wong · September 22, 2016

    dude you’re 25, how have you not figured out when trash day is? grow up


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