The West Coast and Oh-tago

IMG_6325After a long day of flying from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur to Auckland, we were so happy to be under the clouds in cool, rainy weather. Our two month Asia trip was stellar, but we were exhausted, and excited to get some routine back in our lives.

Firstly, we had to hit up all the medical facilities possible. Jessica was enduring tooth pain as we traveled, so we needed to yank those puppies out ASAP.

Jessica really tapped her leg to Green Day as she drooled blood onto her white shirt all the way home from the dentist.

I had to get a $700 all around body exam to extend my Working Holiday visa a while longer. After getting everything checked the results came in, and doc said, “Colin, you are a very healthy specimen.” What a relief that was after eating street food, drinking street liquor, and playing with street animals for two months.


Jessica has long had a dream to live and work in Queenstown, “The Adventure Capital of the World.” The first place in New Zealand that captivated my thoughts about travel was Queenstown – it was even the background on my laptop back home in Calgary. We decided it was only right to follow through with these aspirations and drive on South.

We drove from Auckland to Masterton in a day, then slept the night at the Mossman’s place on their beef and lamb farm. Mossy told me next time we are there he will show me how to harvest some animals. I don’t know if that’ll be a good experience or an eye opening one. The next morning, we headed to Wellington and hopped the ferry to the South Island.


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