Summertime Madness

It is now September 5, 2016 and I realized my blog “Summertime Madness”  from three months ago somehow got deleted so now I shall try to recreate it. We were in Kuala Lumpur at this time, between Singapore and Thailand. I think we were there for five or six days, and almost the entire time I felt like shit. I had developed a terrible ear infection, sometimes being in both ears depending on how bad it wanted to torment me. We were so hot everywhere we went that I started showering before bed, and leaving my hair wet so I’d stay cool throughout the night. I think this started the ear infection, and I noticed my ears were getting more yellow stuff in them, so I started Q-tipping lots. I think the Q-tipping made things much, much worse!

FullSizeRender 9

These are called Durians. Durians are fruit. Durians smell like shit. Durians aren’t allowed on public transit.

For the most part, we didn’t leave the hostel. I was in so much pain I could not sleep, I had constant head throbbing shit going on, and the swelling in my ears made it excruciating to chew food. Whenever we got hungry, we sought after milkshakes or smoothies so I could actually put something down.

thumb_FullSizeRender 12_1024

For some reason, whenever we would find a smoothie shop it would be closed for the next couple days, it didn’t matter if it was Monday or Friday, they just shut down whenever they feel like it.


On the last day in KL I was able to suck up my man-cold and we trained across the city to see the Batu Caves. We weren’t super interested in seeing it but we wanted to do at least one cool touristy thing before we left KL. It was pretty cool in the end.


The stairs up to the caves were pretty intense, mostly because of the heat. Once we got inside the caves, it was much hotter though. The caves seemed to trap the heat within. A few minutes into the caves and we were drenched in sweat.


There were a bunch of shrines inside the caves and religious festivities were going on all around us. Although we didn’t understand it, we were sure to respect it. Jess had to wear a dress around her legs but I didn’t because men are better. That’s what we suspect at least.


There were monkeys crawling around in the caves like the savages that they are. People thought they were cool and kept feeding them bread. I knew that they were feisty little pricks with ulterior motives of murder, so I kept my guard up and got out of there.


At one point in KL we went to Burger King, and while we were at the counter there was an employee standing beside us and I noticed he was creepily staring at Jess’ legs. I stared at him until he noticed me and we made eye contact. He looked at me, then stared back down at Jess’ legs. I said to him, “what the hell are you looking at?!” He just shrugged it off and I told him to beat it.


Later I realized that this kid never sees girls wearing shorts – women are always covered up. I tried to relate to it, and I figured it would be like a naked person standing around in public in Canada. People would probably stare. Although I was mad at the kid, I understood later on that it was just very unusual for him to see that.


Kuala Lumpur was an interesting city, and we didn’t get to make the most of it because I was an ill boy. Perhaps we will go there again and see the city properly. Perhaps, but probably not. We got bigger fish to fry!


We were pretty excited to leave at the end. It was scorchin’ out there.


Ladies ONLY coach. The men didn’t seem to give a shit.


Isn’t she cute?


Kuszy, outy! =)

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