Summertime Madness

It is now September 5, 2016 and I realized my blog “Summertime Madness” ¬†from three months ago somehow got deleted so now I shall try to recreate it. We were in Kuala Lumpur at this time, between Singapore and Thailand. I think we were there for five or six days, and almost the entire time I felt like shit. I had developed a terrible ear infection, sometimes being in both ears depending on how bad it wanted to torment me. We were so hot everywhere we went that I started showering before bed, and leaving my hair wet so I’d stay cool throughout the night. I think this started the ear infection, and I noticed my ears were getting more yellow stuff in them, so I started Q-tipping lots. I think the Q-tipping made things much, much worse!

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These are called Durians. Durians are fruit. Durians smell like shit. Durians aren’t allowed on public transit.

For the most part, we didn’t leave the hostel. I was in so much pain I could not sleep, I had constant head throbbing shit going on, and the swelling in my ears made it excruciating to chew food. Whenever we got hungry, we sought after milkshakes or smoothies so I could actually put something down.

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