Same Person, New Places

March 4th marked three months since I left Canada, or as my brother Ryan put it, “quarter year =0”

My brother asked me, “hows it feel?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.13.50 pm

Deep conversation with my brother. We good linguists, eh?

So far, traveling doesn’t feel too far outside my comfort zone, but I’ve also been at the same place the whole time almost.

Next month, my girlfriend Jessica (who I met on Tinder) and I will be traveling Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, then Thailand. We will be gone about seven weeks in total. That will feel a bit more like traveling.

Since I’ve been gone, I have realized that in my life, three main ideologies have remained absolutely the same. Those three things are: hydration, sleep, and jollyness.

Let me elaborate…


You will never see me without a water bottle in hand, nearby, or in my bag. If you catch me without one, you can be sure that I am stressing out about it, or openly admitting my discomfort for not having H20 at my disposal. Naheer Hirji, can attest to how stressed out I can get if I don’t have water, especially in Mexico.

I think the water thing is kind of like an addiction I have that began when I was binge drinking a lot back in my party days. When you party lots, you’re dehydrated lots, because alcohol dehydrates you. Now I seem to require water kind of as a safety net at all times – hungover or straight up it’s always necessary to have it around.


Me with water hiking the Queen Charlotte Track. Just a couple sips of water left, but man am I so stoked about it.

I realize now it’s not the worst thing in the world, it can just be slightly annoying. I slam water left, right, and centre, which leads to lots of bathroom breaks. It’s also annoying having to carry around a water bottle all the time, but I’m long over it.

I don’t see it as a bad thing – most people do not consume enough water on a daily basis, whereas I sometimes think I have too much water daily. As quoted off Lone Survivor, “anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing” so if it’s overdoing my water consumption, I think that’s better than like, doing a bunch of weed or something.

Sometimes I think that if I could go back to school I might study water – stuff like the purity, how to turn salt water into drinkable water, or some other crap about hydration. Hydration is important to me, and that hasn’t changed since I left Canada, and won’t change when I leave New Zealand. Slamming water is a big constant in my life.

Another thing I think I might be interested in studying, should I use the DeLorean and time travel backwards, is sleep. Which leads me to my next love:


I don’t care if you need to sleep four hours a day to function properly, or ten hours a day to function properly, you gotta get your hours in.

The owner at my work rarely gets six hours, yet he’s givin’er a buck fourty all day long. Personally, I need at least eight to function optimally.


A family friend always used to tell me, “you can catch up on sleep when you’re dead” and I used to believe him. My parents would tell me to “quit burning the candle at both ends” and I would just quote the ‘catch up on sleep when you’re dead’ thing. I believed it then, but now I know it’s nonsense. Maybe I’m getting old, but I like to function properly.

If you don’t sleep enough you can get run down, feel like crap, or you might just feel like you’re not quite right. It’s like the Snickers commercial – you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Well, you’re also not yourself when you’re tired as f***. When I’m hungry, I’m bitchy. When I’m tired, I’m boring. It’s the same shit. I want to be myself all the time, so I give my body what it needs, when it needs it, in the dosage that it demands.

If you need to nap,  or you need to comatose yourself for half a day, just do it. You’ll feel better, and your friends will like you better for not being a tired, boring, dick-face.

The last and probably most important thing that I have brought with me to New Zealand is jollyness.


I try my best to always stay positive, take stressful situations with a grain of salt, and don’t let unfortunate events get the best of me.  It’s tough to always be optimistic, especially during times when life hands you lemons. However, when you keep on the back of your mind that you’re actually really fortunate, you can find happiness in most situations.

Whenever I find that I haven’t been my typical, jolly self, I take a step back and try to get some perspective on what I have. I find that sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have great people in my life. I forget to remember how appreciative I am of my situation and the abundance of wealth I have, and I don’t mean the monetary kind of wealth.


Me licking punga man.

I recently watch that movie The Secret. Well, I watched half of it and turned it off because holy shit, what a bunch of wackos. I’m all for the positivity crap and if you want something bad enough you’ll get it, but when famous people start telling me that being optimistic will get me wealth and sports cars I gotta call BS. Even if they are right, I don’t think I should resort to spirituality to bring me nice things. If I was to use their ‘techniques’ I would use it to help me be grateful for family, friends, and food. When you’re grateful, you are satisfied.

Speaking of jolly, my buddy Aiken and I have this thing called ‘the jolly scale’. Typically we use it to rate girls. I don’t mean rate as in judge and critique them like you would on some terrible app like Tinder. I mean rate them on how full of joy they are. Do they bring people up, do they glow with enjoyment, and do they emit merriness? Sometimes, those sorts of characteristics are more important than looks, employment status, and educational background.

What I need to start doing is rating myself on the jolly scale. Most of the time I’m a happy, lighthearted, clown boy. If I don’t see myself as being at least a soft eight, I need to change something and boost that level of jollity through the roof.


We’re off. Off to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Talk to ya in 7 weeks!

Kusz, Out!


The sun is bright and in our faces.




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