Civilization & the Queen Charlotte Track

Last week was the first time I’ve been away from Raetihi Lodge in almost two months. We went to Blenheim, a small town about three hours away. It felt good being able to go to a grocery store, eat breakfast at a nice restaurant, and drive a vehicle on paved roads. It was nice having the opportunity to enjoy the small, simple pleasures I’m used to back home in Canadia.


A lookout driving the winding road back to Raetihi around the Kenepuru Sound

The only photo I took from Blenheim was this one:


Racial cookies

I find it kind of funny that they have these popular cookies called Afghans. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because back home, an Afghan would be a person from Afghanistan. In New Zealand, an Afghan is a cookie.

Actually, I am not entirely sure they’d call them cookies. They might call them lollies. In New Zealand, every kind of candy is called a lolly. If it’s a sour soother, it’s called a lolly. If it’s a gummy bear, it’s called a lolly. And guess what? If it’s a candy on a stick, it’s also called a lolly. In Canada, a lolly is a candy on a stick. At first, I wondered what everyone’s obsession was with sticked candy. It took me a while to realize they just meant candy when they say lollies.


Taking a siesta on a tree branch

Last week we had a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. I didn’t notice a thing. Apparently the depth of the earthquake has a big impact on the surface impact. This one was 48 km deep. The only reason I knew about it at the time was because of the masseuse shouting, “holy shit! that’s a big one!” I thought she saw a spider or something I had no idea it happened. I was disappointed that my first earthquake went unnoticed. I was hoping it would be like a fun theme park ride.

Onto a brighter note, I started picking up jellyfish!


The ones here don’t sting or have tentacles like poisonous ones would. The only bad thing about jellyfish is they leave a stringy goop on your hand. The washed up ones on the beach don’t leave a goop on your hands though. I think it’s because they’ve been baking in the sun all day and they’re kinda hard. I prefer my jellyfish raw, not baked. They look much prettier in the water… when they aren’t fighting for survival.


Today I did part of the Queen Charlotte Track. The section I did was only about 9 km but the views were pretty spectacular.

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