Bluff Hill Lookout – Hawke’s Bay & Napier

It was when we were standing at the Bluff Hill Lookout in Napier looking into Hawke’s Bay, that I realized how small I am.

As I looked into the never ending blue, I felt insignificant.


Port of Napier & Hawke’s Bay

In this moment, I realized that the world is much bigger than I have ever fathomed.

510,100,000 km2 – Earth’s surface.

7,390,318,204 – Earth’s population.

A thought came to me – my impact on Earth is so minuscule, that any effort I put into making the world a better place wouldn’t even make a dent on the issues that this planet has.

I decided that the one way I can always affect a small portion of the world, is by making a difference to the lives of people I know, and to the lives of the people that I will soon meet.

I can do this by giving my time to people who need it, by putting my effort into making someone’s day special, by being selfless, and by listening when people need to be heard.

I am only 0.00000000013531217% of the world, but if I can make make 10/10 people I see in a day laugh, smile, or be happy in any way, then I’m 100% successful in being myself.


Me making a difference to some birds.


I wanted to eat these yummy looking ducks. I didn’t, because I’m selfless.


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